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Page 4a - Vallejo Speedway odds and ends
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Some more pics of Vallejo Speedway "back in the day"

Saturday at Vallejo Speedway "Back in the Day"
Photo is looking northwest towards the Hiway 29 and American Canyon Road intersection

The first lousy trailer park will move in just past the row of trees.  This will eventually ruin the great racing at Vallejo Speedway.

Frank Blado on the blade! And Mrs. Bockover I think. Photo dated August 18, 1962

Oakland Raiders Day Vallejo Speeday June 17, 1972

(l-r) Jim Kaiser, Bob Moore, Ken Stabler (snake), Steve Mentch, Tom Keating, Ed Hendrickson   -  At this time Stabler still had not made starting quarterback yet.


I just wanted to point out how many fans are in the stands at Vallejo!  It was amazing compared to what we have at the races today.  Even the biggest crowds nowadays don't seem to come close to the size of them back then.  Vallejo had an average of around 2,500 to 3,500 and I'll bet it would reach 5,000 on the heavy nights.  This picture just shows 1/2 of the lower section, the upper section isn't even visible in the photo.  Good old Joe Valente waving the checkered flag.   Does anyone know if Joe is still around?

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