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Found this unique program in a box of old Vallejo Speedway programs.  It was for a benefit for the late, great, Dave Logan who had recently died at Calistoga while driving a sprint car.


Here is a rare pic of Vallejo Speedway running the huge 5/8-mile track when the big time Nascar guys showed up!  Dated May 22nd, 1956.  Check out the Cresent Drive-in in the back ground.  That theater was built a long time ago.



The pages below are copies of the car rules for 1970.  I have copies of other years also but they are mostly the same each year with only minor changes.  I like these rules a lot!!!  Any carburetion, Any tires and wheels, and I love the fact that the body can not be altered.  That is what made our cars so much better looking than the pieces of junk called jalopies that all the other race tracks ran with the bodies all chopped and channeled and lowered.  They looked terrible.  Our cars at Vallejo were awesome, mean looking, and fast!


Here is another neat find in the box of Vallejo Speedway programs from the 60's.  Some lady wrote a poem about the races at Vallejo!


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